The project involved extensive renovations and expansions to a house originally built in the 1950s. Initially outdated and lacking in connection to the rear garden, the decision was made to preserve the existing brick and concrete structure for its financial, time-saving, and environmental advantages. By stripping the structure down to its core, a completely rejuvenated home was crafted from scratch.


One significant addition was a screened balcony on the first floor, strategically positioned to maximize exposure to northern sunlight, compensating for the original facade’s minimal openings. The ground floor was also reconfigured to enhance access to natural light from the north, supplemented by the introduction of skylights. These modifications not only improved thermal efficiency but also facilitated better circulation and fostered a stronger connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.


The outcome was a markedly positive living environment that exceeded the expectations of the clients—a family of five. They were particularly pleased with the new design and interiors, which were meticulously overseen by Justine Reef. Responsible for interior architecture, design, and detailing, Reef ensured that every aspect of the project contributed to the overall success and satisfaction of the homeowners.


“Justine’s work is nothing short of exceptional. Her professionalism and innovative approach to architecture and design exceeded our expectations. Throughout our collaboration together, Justine consistently went the extra mile. Justine, seamlessly integrated our ideas with her creative vision, turning concepts into reality with her unique touch. Working with Justine was a delight. She tackled every challenge with grace and enthusiasm, making us feel like our project was her top priority.”


Benjy & Ilana levy